SIR Implementation  Case studies

MTA, New York (pilot)

SIRI Implementation is Oslo, Norway

MTA Bus Time is a pilot project of the MTA, currently taking place on the B63 route in Brooklyn. 

MTA Bus Time uses GPS hardware and wireless communications to track the real-time location of buses.     The system is accessible via a desktop web map, a mobile web site on iPhone, Android or other smartphones, and via SMS text messages on all mobile phones.

For real-time information on the M34 or M16 routes, please go here.

MTA BusTime pilot project (

You can read all about it

It's only a one-route demonstration project, but the MTA has ambitious 
plans for real-time bus information (about 1,000 more buses this 
year).  MTA will be evaluating SIRI as a standard both for exchange of 
information internal to the system and with the public application 
development community.