SIR Implementation  Case studies

Traveline. UK

SIRI Implementation is Oslo, Norway

The UK Traveline Service provides a large scale example of the use  of SIRI services to integrate real-time stop data.

Traveline ( provides  a UK wide departure from stop service, giving a single endpoint with which to access data for any of the UK's 350,00 bustops.. Where real-time data is available it is used;  elsewhere timetabled departure times are provdied. The servcie is available over SMS (84268), web and mobile ()thrid  and is also used by a number of thirdparty smartphone applications.

SIRI is used in three separate capacities:

  • To provide  a uniform API with which to deliver data to the client  SMS and Web applications
  • To provide a uniform API with which to deliver data to the client third part applications pwering smartphones and otehr apps.
  • To provide a standardised API with which to obtain real-time data from  over 20 different local real-time systems. 


Some customer comments from

  • In praise of
    "This ( is one of the most useful mobile websites I have ever used! Could be so much better if you also had an iPhone app though!"
    iPhone user. February 2010.

  • In praise of
    "No more waiting on bus stops. Vandals always take the paper time tables from the bus stops. This is vandal proof. Thanx"
    Tracey in Durham. January 2010.

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    "A brilliant service! A lot more reliable than the times at the stops themselves!"
    East Renfrewshire. January 2010.