SIR Implementation  Case studies

Trafikanten. Norway

SIRI Implementation is Oslo, Norway

Imagine, it is -20° C outside and your bus is 20 minutes delayed; this is a typical winter day in Oslo, Norway. The problem is waiting outside, when it’s so cold. So what does a technology savvy Norwegian customer do? He or she downloads the Trafikanten real time app and waits inside until the bus is approaching.

Over 320.000 passengers have already downloaded the applications for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile or Java. All of the application is based on Trafikanten's SIRI StopMonitoring implementation from three different subsystems:

  • INIT implementation for 83 metro trains in Oslo and Akershus
  • INIT implementation for 5 boats, 1012 busses and 73 trams
  • eMPATIX implementation for all train traffic in Norway
The usage numbers are high considering that there are 1.2 million inhabitants in the Oslo area.

From October 2010 all services for real time information has been based on the SIRI standard.

Bent Flyen, Advisor at Trafikanten, considers the SIRI project a complete success: “Our provider INIT replaced the old proprietary XMLRTPI implementation to SIRI before delivering it to external sources. The transition from the old interface to the new interface went smoothly; we just turned off the conversion and delivered SIRI from all our sources.

Trafikanten has also released the data to the public, resulting in 150 developers requesting access in two weeks.

Use of  a StopMonitoring interface from SIRI made it possible to add trip specific information, for example low-floor vehicle. The data is also cached so that we do not have any performance problems if too many users want real-time data at the same we recommend the SIRI interface to anyone who wants to display real time data on the Internet or in mobile applications.

In April 2011 we gathered 40 persons representing all current and future real time system in Norway to the first seminar with only real time and deviations as the topic. We agreed on trying to use SIRI SM and SX as the standard for all of Norway since an application created in one city will work all over Norway".

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