Service Interface for Real Time Information
CEN/TS 15531  (prCEN/TS-OO278181 )

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Welcome to SIRI

SIRI is an XML protocol to allow distributed computers to exchange real-time information about public transport services and vehicles.

The protocol is a CEN standard, developed with initial participation by France, Germany (Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen), Scandinavia,  and the UK  (UK Real Time Interest Group).  

SIRI is based on the  Transmodel abstract model for public transport information, a general purpose model, and XML schema for public transport information.

The SIRI protocol uses open system technologies and is platform independent. The SIRI publish/subscribe architecture and terminology is based on the WS-Pubsub draft standard for publish subscribe web services.


  • 2013.05.19 SIRI 2.0 CEN ENV Approved Schema SIRI XML added. See ReadMe
  • 2012.11.09 SIRI 2.0 draft with JSON and Buuffers support added added. All previous chanegs added cumulativelySee ReadMe
  • 2011.04.19 SIRI 1.4a draft with minor corrections to SIRI XML added. See ReadMe
  • 2011 April Implementation pages updated. 
  • 2011 March SIRI reaches its CEN five year review point as a CEN Technical Standard. The CEN TC278 SIRI Working group agreed to renew SIRI as a full CEN EN Standard and a revision will start in November 2011..
  • 2011 Dec first draft of NeTEx Schema using SIRI Framework for a protocol.
  • 2010 July SIRI Framework used for UK Urban Traffic Management & Control UTMC XML /a>&n to provide an XML interface for exchanging UTMC Data Object. See also here.
  • 2010 SIRI-FM & SIRI-SX approved as additional CEN TS
  • 2006 OCTOBER: FORMAL ADOPTION AS CEN TECHNICAL STANDARD. The CEN OO278181  SIRI ( Standard Interface for Real Time Information) standard  is adopted though CEN TC 278 resolution CO9/2004 ( or document 1641).